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A revolutionary style cable pontoon


The Aqua Pontoons Light Weight System is a unique offering to the marine industry with its light weight construction allows this pontoon system to be installed in locations where normal concrete systems cannot go. The light weight pontoon series despite not having concrete for strength uses an aluminium support structure that is engineered to meet or exceed Australian design standards.

The light weight system has a very unique feature of drawing little more than 1 inch of water for a 3.6m x 2.4m pontoon, and has been commented on many occasions to be more stable with people moving around than its concrete rival. This stability is due to its low centre of gravity against a concrete pontoon having a thick 125mm concrete deck located in the top section of the pontoon. This system is available with cable bracing, strut bracing or piles.

The growing popularity of the Light Weight series has seen the product installed in various locations throughout Australia and overseas. The Light Weight Series is available in ex factory kit formation or as a full installation package with approvals. Along with the above features the Light Weight Series is more cost effective and can get you on the water sooner.

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