In this weeks blog I wanted to show you a little bit of the work we have completed and the passion and dedication that goes into all of our products and services. From Cairns QLD to Yamaba NSW and all the way over in Western Australia and Internationally you can find an Aqua Pontoons Product. Our Pontoons are Australian made and the manufacturing process is taken out in our factory located in Currumbin QLD, here we carry out several processes to make our pontoons come to life.

Our Processes include:

  • Quoting each job on a one on one basis as two properties are never the same
  • Onsite measurements and investigation
  • Drafted drawings of the pontoon on the property
  • Client sign off of pontoon drawings
  • Submission to local council and governing bodies
  • Approval received from governing bodies
  • Procurement of materials
  • Gangway fabrication
  • Pontoon construction followed by concrete pouring
  • Concrete mooring blocks installed onsite
  • Pilling works commence if it is to be a piled pontoon
  • Installation of pontoon and gangway
  • Handover to client
  • Final sign off completion certificate by engineer
  • Tie your boat up

These above steps are just a quick example of the lengths that Aqua Pontoons go to in order to get you the best quality pontoon that is completely engineered and ready to be used. We take a lot of pride in what we do and how we do things and DO NOT cut any corners to save on price. Every pontoon that carries the Aqua Pontoons brand name is built with passion and dedication not only from the Directors but all of the Aqua team #teamaqua.