Aqua Pontoons joins Marina Industries Association

In this weeks blog we are excited to announce becoming a member of the MIA (Marina Industries Association). The MIA is run by a board of marine professionals, who have formed together to help promote and educate marinas and staff throughout…
Piled Pontoon
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The right piles for the right location

When it comes time to build your new pontoon there are many factors that contribute to the way we quote a new pontoon. One of the single most important factors for piled pontoons is "The right piles for the right location" This week we are going…
Piled Pontoon
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What is a piled pontoon

Piled Pontoons Finishing off the three week series on the different types of pontoons, week 1 - Cable Pontoons, week 2 - Strut Pontoons and the final week is Piled Pontoons. So what is a piled pontoon and what are its main differences and features…
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What is a Strut Pontoon

Following on from last weeks blog about cable pontoon, this week we are going to take a look at strut pontoons.A "Strut Pontoon" is a reference to how the pontoon is held in place so that it doesn't move or float away, similar to the cable…

What is a cable pontoon

Over the next few weeks we are going to break down what each different type of pontoon is, although it can be very confusing for some people, in reality it is quiet simple.A "Cable Pontoon" is simply a reference to how the pontoon is fixed…