Dedicated to the product

Aqua Pontoons is a dedicated team of professionals who strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, Led by Simon Dyer a veteran of the marine industry with over 20 years experience in marina construction and development, along with residential pontoons and pontoon maintenance. Our attention to detail and the many small things that we do differently to our competitors from the years of experience shines through in our products.

Dry Berth Pontoons

We now offer a full range of products to suit just about any marine conditions, from heavy duty piled pontoons through to our light weight series pontoons, for the calmer shallow conditions, we have it all. Partnering with companies like Profender who offer one of, if not the best pontoon fender available on the market today and including it in almost all of our pontoons at an affordable price due to our buying power gives the customer more bang for buck.

Piled Pontoon

Complete Piled Pontoon Package

M-Tech or Marine Technologies offer many great lighting solutions for the marine environment, the below Sterling Series offers built in circuit breakers, 240v socket, water and light combined in the one unit to keep your pontoon clutter free.


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