At Aqua Pontoons our team are made up of some very experienced boiler makers to fabricate the many aluminium parts that are included in our pontoons. A big percentage of the components used to make up a pontoon installation are aluminium.

Aluminium Components in a pontoon

  • Gangway connection bracket (connects gangway to mooring block)
  • Gangway or Walkway (the entry and exit to the pontoon)
  • Gangway connection bracket (connects gangway to pontoon for cable and strut pontoons only)
  • Pontoon Waler (The outer frame around the pontoon)
  • Pile brackets (To connect pontoon to piles)
  • Roller system (Used for dry berthing boats and jet skis)
  • Winch Posts (For mounting electric/manual winches for roller systems)
  • Light Posts
  • Seats and storage box accessories

As you can see many of these components are vital to the construction process, in most cases it is the same product being repeatedly made but on many jobs they require custom aluminium fabrication. Aqua Pontoons boiler makers can assist with marine welding jobs on the Gold Coast and have a great amount of skill and experience in this area. Based in Currumbin on the Gold Coast the team Aqua Pontoons can assist in the custom fabrication of marine aluminium components including built to size gangways, walkways and more.