The Light Weight Aluminium Series Pontoons

Cable Pontoon Palm Beach Gold Coast

For quiet sometime Aqua Pontoons has been building a light weight version pontoon, in place of using the typical concrete deck pontoon the light weight series is far more flexible in its applications. From water frontage with very low tidal clearances to those that aren’t allowed to dredge there property, this is a great solution. The Light Weight Series is made from about 50% of the components used in the concrete pontoons, from the HDPE liner, low density foam and aluminium waler but it stops there..

Its structural strength comes from a truss like system similar concept to house construction, however the truss section is made up from box aluminium welded in squares to form one complete truss. This gives the pontoons great strength but with the huge benefit of being light weight and drawing very little water when floating. The average 3.7m x 2.4m aluminium light weight series draws approx. only 50mm of water, allowing the pontoon to float in most tidal conditions.

There are very few designs like the Aqua Pontoons Light Weight Series on the market today and most are made from plastic or rotomoulding solutions that really aren’t very aesthetically appealing and can fade and puncture if not maintained. The Light Weight Pontoons from Aqua Pontoons look almost identical to that of a concrete pontoon, this pontoons are 100% engineer approved and independently signed off along with the council pontoon approvals contained in each job.

Cost effective, Light Weight and easily transportable are some great words that sum up the Light Weight Series. Due to less labour and more accessible materials the Light Weight Series is a cost effective solution also for clients that don’t have the budget of a concrete pontoon. Another benefit is that it can be moved around via forklift rather than cranes, this makes internal processes much faster and flexible and in effect saves money. Last but not least is the access to materials, being mostly made from aluminium and the amount of aluminium we use on a daily basis for making gangways/walkways, pile brackets, waler and a variety of accessories brings into affect our buying power.

Most Light Weight Series pontoons are used in a cable pontoon configuration, however this system can be used on strut systems, piled pontoons and more.

Take a look over the Aqua Pontoons Light Weight Series image gallery below.

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