Floating Pontoon

In this weeks blog I wanted to show you the top 5 selling accessories of 2014/15. These accessories not only add a practical functionality to your pontoon but also aesthetically can make a pontoon look very sleek and modern. Aqua Pontoons has a range accessories and boat lifts to suit many different requirements along with dry storage option like a scolloped end to allow for a boat or jet ski to be raised up on top of the pontoon this is often referred to as a “Dry Berth Pontoon” and costs very little to option on your new pontoon before its being built.

1: Dry Berth Pontoon with Roller System

The below image shows a Dry Berth Pontoon with heavy duty roller system and electric winch, depending on a number of variables this type of system can carry a vessel of up to 1800kg. A very popular and practical solution for boats with out trailers or those wanting to utilise the pontoon for storage.

Dry Berth Pontoon with Roller System

Dry Berth Pontoon with Roller System

2: Pontoon Fender by Profender

This fender is the best value for money on the market and we highly recommend it for its ability to minimise damage to your boat when berthed on your pontoon especially those in high traffic areas. Profender’s quality is second to none.


Floating Pontoon with Profender Pontoon Fender

3: Aluminium Light Posts

Available in two different light styles, the first being a ball shape the tends to spread the light evenly over a 360° which can sometimes be annoying for close by rooms or neighbours. The second system is a small vertically mounted fluorescent light which tends to focus the light more within a 180° area and the pole is tilted forward about 30° to focus the light more around the pontoon and your boat. Both these lights are available with a night time sensor for auto on/off.

Piled Pontoon

Pontoon with light posts

4: Powder Coated Seat Box with Storage

Another great accessory is the seat box with lockable storage facility, this helps keep your new pontoon free of any mess laying around and can be easily stored away and is available with a locking system. These can be finished in aluminium look or powder coated any colour you like most commonly black, grey or blue.


Seat Box with storage


5: Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board Holders

A great add-on for your pontoon are these kayak or SUP holders that come complete with rubber cushioning to not only help prevent scratching but to also offer a more secure storage of your SUP or kayak. These save greatly on space taken up and accommodate a large variety of sizes, sold as a pair one on either side of the gangway.

Kayak and Paddle Board Holders

Kayak and Paddle Board Holders