Pontoon boat or jet ski roller system

With trends and styles always changing in todays world many people would think that a pontoon was a pontoon and there wasn’t a whole lot that one could do to make it look stylish and beautiful, but…


Pontoon Trends, Gold Coast Pontoon

There are many ways that pontoons can be styled and the most common types are trending towards the “Darker” look, it seems that most people building a new pontoon these days want black piles with white pile caps, darker coloured carpets like anthracite or black and matching accessories.

Pontoons Gold Coast

Colour coated pontoon with black piles, white pile caps and powder coated accessories

We really do love this look, but I personally still love the look of a timbered gangway/walkway, I think the rich colours of the spotted gum or Kwilla decking is just amazing. Despite this the timber decking does require maintenance, if you want to keep that rich dark look then it needs to be oiled generally every 6 months, but if you want to go for that rustic faded look then don’t oil it all. The timber decking does tend to get dirty more than carpet so pressure cleaning 1-2 times a year maybe a great idea.

Pontoon with timber decking on the gangway/walkway

A beautiful example of the timber decking option on our gangways/walkways, rich colouring.

The other feature that is becoming cheaper and yet more popular is powder coated boat roller system and jet ski roller system along with the winch posts, Aqua can powder coat these to what ever colour you may require, but generally speaking the most popular colours lately have been blue, black and a darker grey (governmental grey). Not only does this make it look 10x better but it also adds another line of defence against the harsh salt environment.

Pontoon boat or jet ski roller system

Powder coated black roller system for pontoons

Following on with coloured accessories brings us to pontoon fender, Aqua fits only the high quality Profender to pontoons as this stuff is built real tough and doesn’t cost the earth. Profounder is a Gold Coast company who tailor make the product to our requirements and then our installation team will fit onsite. It commonly comes in black or blue but again the trend is towards the black and grey these days.

Pontoons with profender pontoon fender fitted

Pontoon fitted with profender pontoon fender

That’s all for this week, hope you enjoyed.

Simon Dyer