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GUEST BLOG: Out with the old timber jetties and in with the new pontoons


Guest Blogger, Ross Meadows: This week I have taken over the Aqua Pontoons Blog as Simon is busy building pontoons. For those of you that don’t know me I have worked with Simon for many years in the pontoon industry and really enjoyed my time, these days my time is spent marketing and learning to fly helicopters (CPL-H Commercial Pilot Licence – Helicopter).

Funnily enough the reason I decided to write about “Out with the old timber jetties and in with the new pontoons” as I was doing a helicopter flight on the weekend back from Gold Coast City Marina (Behind Dream World) to Coolangatta Airport (DMWD – YBCG for all you pilots) and I couldn’t believe how many properties still have a fixed timber jetty and not floating pontoons.

For me owning a fixed timber jetty would be a pain, as they require a lot of maintenance and worst of all they are fixed at one height. Being fixed at one height means when tying up your boat you need to allow for the rise and fall in tides so it doesn’t get caught up and break cleats, or even worse snap ropes and float away (Heard many stories of this happening). The next thing is the look and feel, for me there is nothing nicer than walking on a beautifully built floating pontoon and many real estate agents have said over the years that a floating pontoon does add value to your property.

I really like the option to utilise the pontoon with things like the dry berth roller system and electric winch to get your boat out of the water, live bait tanks, sinks and all the cool accessories you can have to make just a great place to be. A quiet beer or wine, crab pot and sunset on a nice summer day makes it hard to not love it.

The passion that Simon and Mel, owners of Aqua Pontoons have for not only the business but customers and the product is huge, Simon is a perfectionist and takes manufacturing of his pontoons very seriously, for me this shines through on his products and anyone that owns a Aqua Pontoon can see the amount of hard work that goes into them.

Well time for me to go, thanks for reading and be sure to checkout the range of pontoons below

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