Navigating the Gold Coast Waterways with beacon to beacon


In this weeks blog we take a look into navigating the Gold Coast Waterways with the Beacon to Beacon guide, this guide is a great asset and tool for any boatie. It features in-depth beacon locations, predictive paths, green zone and a whole lot more. By visiting this page on your mobile you will be able to view the beacon to beacon information direct from your smart phone.

The Gold Coast waterways can be a tricky area to navigate for those not familiar with the area and with some tight channels, a simple mistake by missing a beacon can be the end to a great day on the water. In particular I find the Northern end of the Gold Coast the hardest, the northern arm of the Coomera River has caught many people out over the years with shallow areas lurking right beside many of the channel markers and those confused on which side to be on are in a whole lot of trouble. Heading a little further Northeast finds the popular Tipplers get away and the voyage North from here is very tricky for those not farmiliar with lots of winding turns and sand banks galore.

We hope the below guide will help you in your journey and for those of you who have GPS on the boat this information below is available on most Navionics map cards.


Northern Gold Coast Beacon to Beacon Download – Click image to download

This booklet contains maps from Southport to South of Jumpinpin and Steiglitz. The Coomera and Pimpama Rivers are also included.


Beacon to beacon Northern Gold Coast download


Southern Gold Coast Beacon to Beacon Download – Click image to download

This booklet contains maps from southern Gold Coast to Southport including the Nerang River.


Beacon to Beacon Southern Gold Coast Guide Download


For more coverage areas of the Beacon to Beacon Guide click here or the corresponding link below.