My 5 favourite boating apps for Australia

Navionics Aus NZ

In this weeks blog I take a look at my top 5 favourite boating apps that help make your time spent out on the water that little more safer and easier. From navigation to knots, checkout the list below.

Note: To download any of the below apps please click the corresponding app image to be taken directly to the iTunes.

1: NavioNavionics Aus NZnics Aus/NZ – Price $21.99

The Most Widely Used Boating App! With this app you get the same award-winning detailed charts as GPS plotters because it provides the all-in-one Navionics+ package, which includes Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™, Community Edits and 1 year of Chart Updates. Tracks, Routes, Distance, Markers, Wind Forecasts, Sync my Data, Photos & Videos and Sharing!






Knots Free iphone app

2: Knot Guide – Price FREE

Knot Guide includes the following knots: Alpine Butterfly on a Bight, Adjustable Bend, Arbor Knot, Bachmann Hitch,Bowline on a Bight, Cleat Hitch, Clove Hitch, Constrictor Knot, Figure Eight Knot, Figure Eight Loop, Fisherman’s Bend, Fisherman’s Knot, Flemish Flake, Gasket Coil, Honda Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Lariat, Mooring Hitch, Pile Hitch, Rosendahl Bend, Round Lashing, Running Bowline, Sailor’s Gripping Hitch, San Diego Jam Knot, Shear Lashing, Sheepshank, Sheet Bend, Stevedore, Surgeon’s Knot, Tumble Hitch, Turk’s Head 3L5B, Turle Knot, Two Half Hitches, Zeppelin Loop





Australian Boat Ramp Finder3: Australian Boat Ramp Finder – Price $2.49

Australian Boat Ramp Finder has 1,528 verified boat ramp locations around Australia.
Search “Nearby” or “By Location”. You can list or map your results and then get directions to that ramp location. You can also “Add a ramp” and we will list it in the next update.






Seabreeze Weather App4: Seabreeze Weather App – Price FREE

FORECASTS and LIVE WEATHER for major coastal locations around Australia:
* 7 Day Wind Speed & Wind Direction forecasts
* 7 Day Tide predictions
* 7 Day Wave Height, Wave Direction and Wave Period predictions
* LIVE wind reports from Australian beach weather stations
* Moon phases & Sunrise / Sunset for the coming week.
* Temperature and rain forecasts




Ship Finder Free app5: Ship Finder App – Price FREE & Paid Versions

Ship Finder shows live moving ships on a worldwide map.
You can even use Augmented Reality (AR) view to identify ships out at sea using your device camera. Ship Finder has been top rated and top ranking since 2009 and covers most of the world, tracking 20,000+ ships simultaneously.

Our incredible app performance means that you can see all tracked vessels at once – no clustering here!
Simply tap on a ship to see it’s name, type and destination. Colour coded icons make identification easy too.

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