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Choosing the right boat lift for your boat

As there are many different types of boat lifts on the market today it is a hard choice when the time comes to pick the best solution for you and your boat, here are some of the things you should consider.

1: Water depth at low tide where the boat lift will be installed

Many people don’t realize how much water they may or may not have when low tide comes around and that your boat lift maybe unusable at low tide adding further things to worry about when planning a day out in the boat. The Sunstream FloatLift boat lifts are good option if you have little water depth as these units only draw the draft (depth) of the hull plus 30cm for the 2.7t Floatlift version. Along with shallow operation the Floatlift operates at lightning speeds with the 2.7t version raising or lowering the unit in under 30 seconds. More information here

2: Esthetic appeal

This is not a big issue for everyone but those who have a low set block and perhaps a kitchen or lounge room window that looks directly at your pontoon and boat lift tend to not realize that some boat lifts can sit up to 4m out of the water when in the up position. These boat lifts like the AirBerth generally lift the boat out of the water quiet high but generally have a better price point. The AirBerth is still a fantastic unit and has been around for many years with simple operation and will raise your vessel in under 4 minutes and lower in under 7 minutes (depending on model). More on AirBerth here

The lowest boat lift or dry dock on the market would have to be the SeaPen, this unit generally sits less than 600mm out of the water and in most cases the frame of the SeaPen is hidden by the height of the pontoon, the SeaPen is highly configurable for all different shapes and size hulls and even features the new side loading option and remote control. More on SeaPen here

3: Ease of operation

To be honest when writing this blog and thinking about all those times I have used the different boat lifts on the market I can’t really think of a hard one to use that is still on the market, yes there use to be some shockers but today with the technology getting cheaper and simplicity of use a must have when manufacturing boat lifts I can’t really fault any. Like any product there are pros and cons to each brand but I guess it really comes down to personal preference and your own unique situation and vessel type.

Aqua Pontoons are what some would call a broker for all the top boat lift resellers in Australia and having used and installed lots of different boat lifts we offer you our professional and personal opinion on major brands, we work closely with SeaPen, Sunstream & AirBerth boat lift suppliers and offer you competitive pricing and TOP service from our professional team. If you have any questions or need some buying advise on boat lifts don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 207 848

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