Great summer boating destinations

This week I wanted to talk about some great boating destinations in the Southeast. Firstly im going to start on the Northern end of the Gold Coast and work my way North with the top 5 spots we love, so sit down grab a coffee and have a good ol fashion read!


1: Wave Break Island South Western Corner  (Link to Google Map-27.938854,153.414738

The South Western corner of Wavebreak is a great spot for a Sunday arvo relax it is very well sheltered and is a great spot for pumping yabbie’s and fishing on the mid to low tides. Entering this spot can be tricky on a low tide and should always be entered from the Southern end of Wavebreak island.



















2:  Wavebreak Island Northern End (Link To Google Map) 27°55’51.11″S 153°24’52.99″E

The Northern end of Wave Break Island is very popular for those looking to stay out on the boat a few nights, it is protected from the common Southerly breeze and has a great atmosphere being the popular spot for many locals. By night it features some good fishing and great view of the buildings and lights along the foreshore of Runaway Bay through to Paradise Point. There is also a 7 day maximum berth time for this location



















3: Ramada Couran Cove (Link to Google Maps) 27.823592″S,153.411541″E 

Couran Cove for me has always been a great boating location as it has heaps of facilities and with the recent take over by Ramada they have welcomed weekend boaties more than ever before. The resort has heated pools, bike riding, kayaking, tennis beach volleyball mini golf and so much more. Berth bookings cost $100 per night and can be booked here, take a look at the website for more information.



















4: Tipplers South Stradbroke Island (Link to Google Maps) 27°48′ 20.42″ S  153° 25′ 35.06″ E

Tipplers has been one of the icons of the Gold Coast boating scene for many years and  is always a great place to cruise to on a weekend, it has an onsite pub that has just been refurbished and servers a range of great meals for those hungry boaties or even a cold beer for the thirsty ones (remember .05 rule applies for drink driving a boat) so if you’re looking for a great day of cruising followed by a good feed I highly recommend a trip here. For those looking for fuel in this area there are two locations, Sanctuary Cove Marina (closest to Tipplers) & Gold Coast City Marina 



















5: Jumpin Pin South Stradbroke Island (link to Google Maps) 27° 44′ 34.07″ S  153° 26′ 22.28″ E

Jumpin Pin is a really nice location for jumping out of the boat and walking up the bright white sand dunes, this area does have some very low tides so parking in the correct location is very important, there is a small inlet where the smaller trailer boats can generally park on a low tide but those with bigger boats will need to park along the main strip and use a tender or similar to land on the beach. The bar crossing here is a very dangerous spot due to shallow bars and waves are known to stand up here so be extremely careful should you wish to go offshore and remember to always logon to Seaway Tower before heading out, you can contact them on VHF 73 or 27MHZ 91.



















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